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We are the Gebrüder Lowitz. Making the bolzplatz® foosball table your personal favorite is our passion

In our manufactory we produce tailor-made foosball tables. The „Made-in-Germany“ label is held in high esteem all over the world and stands for quality and reliability. The bolzplatz® is being built to enrich leisure time over generations.

Clear the stage!

For a moment everything else becomes insignificant. The focos is on the ball. Waiting for the right moment – until the gap is big enough – goal!

Perfect attention to every detail allows games at world championchip levels. Accurate passes and outstanding ball control bring the magic of this marvelous game into your home.

The showroom

Experience this fascination at your favorite place. Whether it is a modern industrial loft or a manorial baroque-style villa – the bolzplatz® is a spectecular piece of furniture fitting for each ambience.

Masterly craftsmanship, the finest materials and a lasting design finally make this game presentable – even on match-free days.

The bolzplatz® as a magnet

Create a lasting impression on your business partners and customers - our foosball table, customized in your corporate design, makes the right statement.

The bolzplatz® will be an exclusive eye-catcher at your events – a real crowd puller.