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Welcome to the Lowitz‘ design manufactory. We develop, design and manufacture tailor-made soccer tables that are as professional as tournament tables in their gameplay yet far more beautiful. The well established german term 'bolzplatz' stands for a small leisurely football pitch. It is the sense of passionate battles among your best friends that the 'bolzplatz' recreates.

Your style is unique and your table should be too. Colors, materials and impressive finishes should harmonize seamlessly with your space. Therefore we can realize innumerable designs The more extraordinary your wish, the greater our claim to make it happen. They all have in common the claim to craftman‘s perfection in their embodiment and finish.

Every table is built with the conviction that an object only becomes really valuable to us over time. Memories associated with an object will elevate it to a very personal favorite. Passionate duels with friends and family will provide those unforgetable moments - for a lifetime.

When making the investment of buying a 'Lowitz' soccer table – this might be a decision that lasts a lifetime. Why should you content yourself with an off-the-peg table? Choose the best!